JMusic Contact Details

423/A, Merchant Centre,
Sector 19,Vashi
Navi Mumbai 400703

Tel: 91-22-27893932
M: 9324290422,

Company: J Music
The product on Sale :Sampoorna Bhagvad Gita
Format: Video (MP4)
Sold In: Android App. No hardware like CD/DVD

We have only one title 'SampoornaBhagvad Gita' Android App for sale.User is buying this title after reading description and listening to demo music in the App. This is a digital product and there is no hardware/packaging/shipping involved. The whole content is in Clouds. Therefore, there is no issue of bad delivery of the product and returning it. Once the App is subscribed, there is no policy to refund. However, if a buyer complains that the App is not working, we shall look into it and try to resolve with technical assistance. If it is not resolved, full money can be refunded. If there is any other type of complain, we shall look into it and will consider for part/full or no refund. Please send your complain to us within 30 days of subscription.